|An expedition to Kapsimotwa Gardens

An expedition to Kapsimotwa Gardens

The Kapsimotwa Gardens are in Nandi County, two hours away from Eldoret. Even though we used Google maps to find the gardens, we still got lost because we ended up at a private property nearby. The host was kind enough to redirect us to the right location. There are no indications to reach the gardens, so it is wise to ask people around. At the gate you must pay 500 Kenyan Shillings (about 4 Euros) per car.

We went through kilometers of tea plantations to reach the place. The road is not tarmacked so it might be slippery during the rainy season, unless you have a four-wheel drive to take you through the rough road.

The gardens are ideal for picnics, team building, family outings or school trips. There are no restaurants or hotels nearby, so it is better that you carry your own food or go for a walk there in the morning but find elsewhere for meals closer to Kapsabet town.

At the garden there are two ponds with fish although fishing is not allowed. The area surrounding the pond is well taken care of with lush green grass to sit on and beautiful big trees to provide shade. If you are lucky, you will see monkeys at the gardens either at the trees or sometimes even on top of the cars. You should take care of your food because they might snatch it!

There should be better and visible dustbins to prevent people from throwing garbage around. There is one old toilet at the end of the garden made in the rural squat style. If you want to use it, you must carry your own toiletries and water to wash your hands.

Around the gardens you will find huge plantations of tea. With the rainy season starting around march, the beauty of this part of Kenya is unmatched. The contrast between the blue sky and the greenery is magical. And in clear days you can spot the lake Victoria after a short walk to the highest point.

So, our advice is: do visit the Kapsimotwa Gardens but please remember to:

  • ask people around for indications to get there
  • use a four-wheel drive in the rainy season
  • bring your own food
  • beware of monkeys picking your food!
  • carry your own toiletries and water to wash your hands
  • Enjoy the unmatched beauty of this part of Kenya!

Images: Joan Alvarez Tubau

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