|Chepkiit Waterfalls

Chepkiit Waterfalls

Are you planning the weekend, and you want to see something spectacular? Only half an hour away from Eldoret you can find the Chepkiit waterfalls, with four different viewpoints: from the bridge you can see the water passing under you and suddenly disappearing into the waterfall; in both sides of it you can also get a good perspective of all the river.

My favourite is the view from down, as you can see a very beautiful perspective of all the water falling next to you. The cost is not excessive: 200Kshs. per adult, 100kshs for children (of school age) and, for people who don’t reside in Kenya, 500kshs. It is a very enjoyable place, but if you go with children be careful, because in the bridge there are some holes and the fences are not always attached to the floor or between them.

Although during the rainy season the river carries a lot of water, and is more spectacular, the Chepkiit waterfalls are a better option for the dry season, because it is safer, as you can spend the day there, maybe with a picnic, and there’s no risk of having to run to the car due to the sudden change of the weather.

In the rainy season, the weather changes very quickly, so you have to be attentive to the sky, as you need to walk a bit through a dirt, sandy red road after you leave the car, and when it is wet is not fun. You have different places to leave your car, before the real parking just in the entrance, which costs 100Kshs. This is a very beautiful place and I think you will enjoy it, so what about a visit?

For reference 100 Kenyan shillings is approximately 1 Euro.

Author: Joana Ros Roig

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